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Wooden pallets and production of Euro pallets.
ProWood LTD is a company whose main activity is production of wooden pallets, crates and other elements of wood. It is founded in 2008 in Beočin, Serbia. With more than 10 years on the market of wooden packaging, we have become experts in this field. Accumulated experience and knowledge, desire for improvement and implementation of new technologies, quick customization and adjustment to conditions on the market, and understanding of customer needs are all part of our success.
Wooden pallets represent high-quality and cheap solution for transportation, compared to other means and options, and is accepted as highly economical, sustainable, flexible, clean and ecologically admissible product.

We have pallets of all dimensions, as well as pallets which have passed state-of-the-art thermal treatment technology. We fulfill the conditions which are needed for thermal testing and marking wooden materials for packaging, according to the Resolution of Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, according to which our pallets have this unique number: RS 117 HT. The whole production process is done on our grounds, from raw wood to finished product. We are offering the widest possible range of wooden packaging. That means that we can help you choose the best possible choice for your business, with the right product at the right time.
To us, complete security, economic approach and environmental awareness are inextricably bound. We strive to produce all-round, durable, high-quality, clean pallets that are ecologically safe. This quality has been recognized by the vast number of our partners.
We must not forget to mention the fact that environmental protection, health preservation and safety are the main priorities of our company. Those high set goals do not only represent our beliefs that economic development of a company must be achieved with respect for nature, but also the policy of the company to procure raw materials only from suppliers who carry out responsible logging and care for renewal of forests. Thus, having certificates such as: PEFC™ (PEFC/06-37-03), which is issued by the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification, and qualifies that raw wooden materials originate from forests which are certified in accordance with PEFC™ (PEFC/06-37-03) certification system, and in this way meet the conditions of PEFC™ i FSC™ (FSC-C017326) l, which is issued by Forest Stewardship Council™, which guarantees that raw wooden materials originate from responsible forest management, in accordance with FSCTM (FSC-C017326) standard, and that those are in comply with FSCTM (FSC-C017326) Chain of custody standard.


Our mission

ProWood LTD's mission is building of strong and stable company for production and selling of wooden packaging, throughout the territory of Serbia, preservation of the environment and creating greater values, through constant improvement, strict quality standards in both products and services.

Wooden pallets ProWood

Our plan

Imagine wooden pallet. Bring your drought and come to us. Our engineers are at your service. Among our partners there are companies of various sizes and activities. We have something for every client, no matter what they do!


Our vision

We have become a backbone of many businesses. We produce wooden pallets of various complexity and designs, according to the weight, means of storage and logistics, including pallets which are custom made. We have created the best possible conditions for our customers.


Automated production, and more than 10 years of experience in production of wooden pallets and packaging, provide us with possibility to offer best quality and most favorable products for our customers in our market.

EPAL/EUR pallets

Euro pallets play a major role in today's global economy as versatile, durable and ecologicaly sound product. Ecological multi-purpose use and top-notch hygienic standards, represent financial advantages of the future. Our Euro pallets are interchangeable.

Wooden pallets

Our wooden pallets have passed thermal treatment and are custom build out of finest boards, safe for logistics and storage. It is scientifically proved that wood is more hygenic than plastic and usage of wooden pallets in both food and pharmaceutical industry records constant growth.

Used pallets

As one of the leading manufacturers of pallets, we are able to offer alternative to new pallets, in the form of used/second-hand pallets. They are available in various dimensions and quantities. With our advice and service, you get greater value for your money.

Wooden boxes

Our high-quality wooden boxes and crates, adjusted to your needs, will safely transport any goods. We produce wooden boxes for fruit, vegetables, and wooden crates for storage of various items.

Repurchase and repair of pallets

Extend the lifespan of your pallets - ask us about our service of repairing pallets. Repurchase and selling of pallets are services that we, ProWood, have been doing quite successfully over 10 years. All pallets are repaired with quality recycled materials.

Transport of logs

The last step after lumbering is a transport to the final destination. We can offer transport of logs to the mills, your back yard, storage unit... Our trucks can deliver in various conditions, depending on the situation.


We are proud of our experience, it enables us to offer best solutions for our customers, adjusted to their needs and conditions of their business. Our company responsibly uses precious forest riches and is dedicated to keeping and protection of precious forest ecosystem and the existence of various plants, animals, and people.


In production we use only high-quality timber: oak, hornbeam, beech, poplar, maple, fir, spruce, linden, chestnut...

Wooden pallets ProWood


Wooden pallets ProWood


Wooden pallets ProWood


Wooden pallets ProWood


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